Cropped Knit VS Long Knit Tops

Nothing says, keeping warm with our Knit Top Collection. Now we know it is getting chilly and we really need to be keeping warm this year around. So, if you haven’t already started to get into timeless neutrals or the new season colour, then we have some good news for you.

You can easily update your wardrobe and style with just a few key pieces and some great basics. Then, let accessories or some chic boots do the rest. Stay warm yet stylish this season with our stylist’s tips.

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Before we delve into all-things-layers, we need to touch on the foundations. Great basics will be your best friend here. At Milan the Label, we share with you our favourite Autumn/Winter hack, which is by building on some classic basics, then working your way through to your outerwear. Play with different textures and shades of the same or similar colour palette for that effortless, off-duty model look. 

Now to make things a little easier, we have selected six of our top favourites - in both long and short tops.

Before we dig into our latest drops of Knitwear Tops. Note that any top you have, can be easily paired with your own choice of bottoms and coats. But to help you ladies out we’ve put together some of our go-to pieces at the moment that you can wear with any of these tops. Jeans: Arizona Jeans - Dark Blue, California Jeans, Paris Jeans and Rise Jeans. Note we have a large variety of Denim, check out our Denim Collection.

Short Tops:

Let’s start off with our best selling, Noir Crop Turtle Neck Knit- is the perfect match for chilly days, it’s soft, comfy and multi-purpose knit is a must need in your wardrobe now. This comfy, cosy, yet stylish knit is the perfect must have for Autumn/Winter Seasons. Coming in four colours, white, pink, lavender and black, it’s a “ADD TO CART” vibe now ladies.

Our Anna Knit Top - coming in classic black and white colours. Perks of having basic colours? Can wear anything you want without colours clashing. It is soft, comfy and perfect to layer during these cooler months. Another favourite of ours is the Amsterdam Knit. This cosy, comfy cropped knit is a must add to your A/W collections. Coming in three colours - khaki, cream and tan. 


Long Tops:

Now we know what you may be thinking - what is the point of a long sleeve if you are layering up? Trust us, it is an essential part of A/W months. We love spending our Weekends all cosied up in our lounge. But for those busy gals out there who’ve got places to be and errands to run, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered over with our top three picks for long knit tops.

Winter Essentials calls for Sony Knit - is the perfect match for chilly days, it’s soft, comfy and multi-purpose knit is a must need in your wardrobe now. Coming in four colours - pink, white, grey and black. Another Winter Essential is our Brown Sugar Knit - this oversized, comfy knit comes in both white and tan, allowing you to pair with a skirt, jeans or work pants and you are good to go!

Looking for an oversized long sleeve knit? Look no further. Our Colorado Knit is for the ladies that love an oversized fit, allowing you to style however you like. We know that oversized fit’s are the best, especially for Sunday chills. Coming in two colours - white and grey. This is a must add to your wardrobe.

Now for the fun part, time to go shopping. Check out our Knitwear Collection now and give your wardrobe the refresh it deserves! Be sure to tag us in your outfits on our Instagram: @milanthelabel

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